Details below!

7pm: Swordlords’ Banquet – Feast

6pm: Premier Dinner
6pm: Flame Knight Grill

9am: Squires’ Memorial Breakfast
6pm: Main Feast


Hello Keep-goers! I hope you’re all as excited as I am about Keep. I’m here to talk about Premier Dinner: “A Feast with the Aldori Sword Lords”. During feast you will be presented with some light roleplay entertainment with more to come on this portion later. Right now I’m here to hype the most important part: the food!

Premier dinner will consist of 3 courses:

Appetizer: Elote – Mexican street corn: a cob of sweet corn covered in Mexican cream and cheese, topped with chili lime powder. If you’ve never had it, I know it sounds strange, if you have had it: I know your mouth is watering right now.

Main course: 3 Tinga de Pollo tacos, with Spanish rice and refried beans – shredded chicken breast in a chipotle adobo and onion sauce, that is slightly sweet and a little spicy (there will be a 0 spice version) with refried beans covered in cheese and spanish rice, a sort of fried rice made with chicken stock and tomato sauce.

Dessert: Tres Leches Cake – A deliciously sweet white cake made with sweetened condensed milk and cinnamon.

All this for only $20 AND you get to participate in a fun bit of roleplay at dinner.


Alehaus Flyer


Cailean’s Alehaus will be serving Hearty Dragon Flank Steak Stew, a thick and savory stew of skillet-seared dragon flank, roast vegetables and potatoes, served over a warm bed of rice. We will also be serving Creamy Harpy Pot Pie Stew, a creamy and savory stew made from roast breast of harpy, garden vegetables, served with crispy butter biscuits from the Alehaus bakery. For gnomes and other vegetarian races, the Alehaus will be offering a Sloppy Farmer sandwich, which consists of lentils in a savory tomato sauce served on a toasted bun.

Our goal, here at Cailean’s Alehaus is to give you a fantasy tavern dining experience while also feeding as many people as much as we can with the budget we have. Our feast team has been working hard all year to give everyone a good experience this year at Keep. Our goal is to make sure no adventurer goes hungry or thirsty. If you have extra funds you would like to donate to the Alehaus for either food, drink, or liquor, please contact Atlas Everdeen (Kate Lorando on FB) or Gafiltafish (James Lasadose on FB). If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact the crats with those as well.