Excited about Keep and want to be part of its continued success?
We are looking for a few roles for Keep 2023.
Meet the current team and see vacancies by CLICKING HERE.

Night Quest Lead: We are looking for an experienced Night Quest Lead to partner with our Night Quest Junior and Night Quest Mentor.

Tournament Leads for The Hammer of God Cup and the Sword Swinger Soiree: We are looking for leads eager to be mentored by Manama (Craig Plazony) for either tournament lead role.

Other Oppertuneties: We are looking for junior leads for most roles. If you are looking for an opportunity to step up in a learning/doing role please let us know!

Are you a Master? Help mentor a Keep lead!
We are looking for Masters to partner in a Mentor role with our Team Leads for 2023.

Please reach out ASAP. Though we are accepting through Jan, many teams are already engaged.

If you want to know more about any of these reach out to the TKN board members individually, or email us at [email protected].

Contact to our TKN Team:
Adam Luebke (Facebook)
Kyle Lippens (Email)
Chantel Kamm (Email and Facebook)
Michael Hammers (Email)
Fenrier (Email and Facebook)
Varl Sinclair (Email and Facebook)