At Keep on the Borderlands XII: Kingmaker, we will be hosting more than one competition of the Arts & Sciences, though they are each different. See the rulesets and prizes below, details added as they become public!

Register for A&S Tournaments in advance: Click Here!

Trailblazer Tournament

When: Thursday, September 15th 2022. Sign-Ins open at 8am. Judging begins 10am.

Competitor Restrictions: Attendees cannot have 7 or more Ladder awards for the discipline they are entering.
Entry Restrictions: Limit 3 total entries per entrant.
Scoring Rubric

Royal Court Invitational

When: Friday, September 16th 2022. Sign-Ins open at 8am. Judging begins at 10am.

Competitor Restrictions: None
Entry Restrictions: Limit 3 total entries per entrant.
Scoring Rubric

Borderlands Theme Challenge

Details available by Clicking Here!

Best Court Garb: At the Premier Dinner, a sign-in will be required and a small display before the dinner attendees.

Best Field Garb: During the Rage of the River Kings Battlegame on Saturday @1:00pm. Just be in your best kit for the game.

Most Immersive Camp: Spice up your camp with your Company/Personal colors.

Thursday | A&S Classes | 1-4pm | Pavilion 4

Sewing Tools and How to Use Them (1-2 hours unlimited attendance)

Do you have a box full of random stuff that someone found in grandma’s attic? Are you new to the sewing game and want to get the basics but don’t know where to start? Have you been sewing for ages but want to up your game? Then this class is for you! Bring your tools, bring yourself! Find out what they do and possibly other alternative uses. Get tips for care and keeping of tools including sewing machines. Feel free to submit questions or tools you would like to see gone over. Submissions can be pmed to Erin Cady (Aearduin) on facebook!

Bring me your Weird, your Unfinished, your Stuck (2-3 hrs up to 10 projects)

If you’ve been in the sewing game for any length of time you have that one project in the back of the closet that’s been put in time out or abandoned. Now is the time to bring those stuck projects out into the daylight. Bring your confusion and get a second pair of eyes. Lets see if we can find a solution to get you going again!