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Vendor Information, Application, Rules for Keep 2023

Potential Keep 2023 vendors, please be aware of the following:

Application due no later than midnight August 13th, 2023.

All merchants need to pay the normal gate fee.  

As a merchant you will get:

1. Early entrance. Merchants will be allowed on site at 9:00am on Wednesday (September 13th) instead of the regular open time of noon.  Please be aware that only Merchant’s row will be open.  The rest of the site will be closed until noon.  All merchants and employees that will be arriving before gate opens must prepay the gate fee.

2. Merchant announcement on the Keep Page: If you provide a website, potential customers can look up what merchandise is in your shop.

3. Potential aid: If you are by yourself and need someone to get your Keep provided meals, please let us know.  

4. Designated site. Each merchant will be given a designated spot on Merchant’s Row. While we will attempt to accommodate everyone, we cannot guarantee any space larger than a 35ft store front and 40ft deep.

5. Drive up and drop gear. You will be allowed to park in front of your shop to unload/load.  You will then have to park in the parking area. No sales may occur unless your vehicle has been moved to the parking area.  

6. Probable access to power. Each merchant will be required to bring their own extension cords. Medical needs will take priority if power is limited.  

Please be advised:

Anyone selling anything (money changing hands) at the event must register with the Merchant coordinators before August 13th, 2023. They will need to fill out this GOOGLE FORM that will provide the needed information to the Merchant Coordinators.  All shops are to be on Merchant row.

Merchants will need to display the name of their shop at all times.

Shops must be open by 11:00am and remain open at least 8 (eight) hours a day starting the day after you arrive. You are more than welcome to open before 11:00am and remain open more than 8 (eight) hours.

We are limiting the number of merchants to 14 (fourteen) excluding food vendors until we know exactly how much space we have. We are not limiting based on what vendors sell, this will be on a first come first served basis. There is a possibility for more merchants depending on tent and site space.

Please let us know as soon as possible, but at least 24 (twenty-four) hours before the start of the event if you are not going to attend Keep.  If you fail to show up, you will be marked as a non-compliant shop.

In the desire of maintaining the appearance of merchant row, we respectfully request that your storefront (anything seen from the road) be professional and tidy.  Further, please keep your area clear of trash.

Leave your area in as good or better condition than you found it. One bag of trash may be left on the road and will be picked up by the trash team upon leaving.  

Be respectful of everyone on Merchant row.

Modern looking camper trailers, RVs, and campers are not to remain visible from Merchant Row.  These must be set up in the RV area.  Any fees associated with these will need to be paid, regardless of location.

It is highly encouraged, but not mandatory, that merchants maintain their own liability insurance. You are liable for accidents in your shop.  The Keep BOD is not responsible for theft, damages, or injuries.

Merchants must abide by all state and local laws regarding the sale of items. Please be aware that special permits may be required for the sale of certain items.  Indiana requires all sellers (even if you are just a craft fair type seller) to pre-register for sales tax.  Please contact the Indiana Department of Revenue to get your sales tax forms.

All rules regarding COVID-19 for the state of Indiana must be followed.  To protect both yourself and your potential customers, we request that you provide a hand washing station or hand sanitizer for anyone that enters your tent.  These rules are subject to the CDC guidelines and may change as the event approaches.

Obey all the other general site and Keep rules.

Everyone must be off site by noon on Sunday (September 17th).

Should a shop fail to follow these rules, this shop name will be given to the merchant coordinator next year as non-compliant.  Non-compliant shops may be denied entry to Keep next year.

You will receive an acceptance email to confirm your spot at Keep 2023.  We look forward to seeing everyone!  

In service,

Suraya (Katie Helm)