ONGOING: ARTISAN BINGO! [ <- click to follow link! ] 


NOON: Gate Opens
5pm: Militia: Lost in the Lizard Marsh


10AM: Phoenix League World Championships
10AM: Brunch (Breakfast Sandwiches)
10AM-Noon: Art of Plastidip – Lecture and Q&A
Noon-2PM: Non-Combat Battlegames
2PM-5PM: Board Games
2PM-5PM: Raised Sculpture for Plastidip
2PM-5PM: Write ‘n Spite
4PM: Militia: Clash in the Temple District
5PM-6PM: Mini A&S Take-Home Class
6PM-7:30PM: Mini Non-Combatant Quest
7PM: Premier Dinner (Optional upgrade)
7PM: Traveler’s Dinner (Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup)
8PM: Arts & Sciences Tournament Theory Talk

FRIDAY, 9/21

8-9AM: Breakfast (Pancakes, Coffee, Juice)
8-9:30AM: HOG Cup Signups
9AM-10:30AM: A&S Pre-Registration
9-9:30AM: HOG Cup Weapon Checks
10AM-2PM: Board Games
10AM-12:30PM: HOG Cup Pool Rounds
11AM-Noon: A&S Performance & Food Categories
Noon-5PM: Mural Painting – Painting the Castle
Noon: Lunch (Meat Pies & Fried Apples) 
1:30-3:30PM: HOG Final Rounds
2PM-5PM: LED Basics
3PM-5PM: One-Shot D&D Campaign
4PM: Full Class: The Harper Hostages
5PM: Non-Combat Battlegames
5PM: Flame Knight Grill (Burgers, Hotdogs, DONATIONS NEEDED)
7PM-9PM: Non-Combat Night Quest
7:30PM: Michael Hammer of God’s 30th Amtgard Anniversary Party (BFT)
8PM-MIDNIGHT: Night Quest
10PM: A&S Judging Concludes

8AM: Breakfast (Oatmeal & Fruit)
10AM-Noon: How do you make THAT!?
10AM-10PM: Amtgard Leadership University Panels
11AM-Noon: Non-Combat Battlegame
11AM: Lunch (Baked Potato Bar)
11AM: Full Class: Lion’s Way Caravan
Noon-4PM Magic: The Gathering Tournament
2PM: Militia: Preparing Baldur’s Gate
2PM-4PM: Making Shoes
4PM-5PM: Mini Non-Combat Quest
4PM: Full Class: The Siege of Baldur’s Gate
6PM: Dinner (Grilled Chicken Legs, Ranch Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Whole Wheat Rolls & Honey Butter)
7PM:  IK Court

SUNDAY, 9/23
(Check Local Kingdom Schedules for Althing, BOD/COK/COM meeting times)
12PM: campers must be offsite.