Do you intend to have a booth set up at Keep on the Borderlands this year?

Send an email to us at with the following and we will advertise for you on this page.

  • Vendor/Booth name
  • Mundane/Persona names of booth owners and/or operators
  • Wares offered by your booth
  • Kingdom/Chapter/Game/State of origin (as specific as possible)
  • Pictures of your booth and/or wares
  • Setup dimensions
  • Special needs (e.g. electricity, etc.)

Please note that advertising on this page is not required of vendors at Keep on the Borderlands; however, there are some new selling permit and fee requirements this year.

Vendors for 2017 Merchants Row

Badass Garb: Garb. Visit in person or online

Darkwater Arms: Weapons and armor. Visit in person or online

Good Basic Garb: Garb. Visit in person or online

Scotty B’s: Food

Sord Hub – Sons of Rarnark Dragonsmiths: Equipment. Visit in person or online

Sutra of the Prestige: A general store offering leather armor, shield/weapons and building materials, garb, trinkets, jewelry, and more. Visit in person or online

Trible’s Leather: Handmade leather armor pieces, pouches, quivers, and more.