Hammer of God Cup


Overall Winner (10 AVPs)
Overall Second Place (6 AVPs)
Overall Third Place (3 AVPs)
Sparring Partner: (3 AVPs) Highest Pool wins without advancing
Streaks: (2 AVPs/ Max 2) Win all your pool fights
Shark!!!: (7 AVPs) Get out of pool in all three brackets but no top


  • At registration you will receive a number: This is your name for the whole tournament.
  • You will also receive a wristband with your number on it and your fight cards.
  • Pre-registered players will still have to check in at the start of the tournament.
  • Seeding will be taken from pre-registration.
  • Each category is timed.


  • Fighters will receive one for each event: Single sword, Florentine, and Sword & Board.
  • Fighters will receive all 3 cards at the beginning of the tournament along with a pen in a ziplock bag
  • Cards have a letter (and heat if need) indicating their pool
  • Each card contains a list of fighters you must fight.
  • If you do not wish to enter a certain category, there will be a basket to place your fight card in at each pool.


  • Pools are groups of fighters that must fight each other to accrue points tracked on their fight cards.
  • There will be 16 pools of approximately a dozen fighters each.
  • Pool locations are marked by a flag with the letter, A-P.
  • If you do not wish to participate in a category, report to your pool assignment and place your fight card into the basket located there.


  • Best two out of three
  • May be done with or without a reeve watching.
  • Loser signs the winner’s fight card next to his name.


The top 2 fighters from each pool will advance to the bracketed portion of the tournament. We will run 4 rings with 2 reeves (depending on the number of QUALIFIED reeves available) each. These fights will also be best 2 of 3 and double elimination.