Costume Contest

This year at Keep on the Borderlands, we will be having a special event – a costume contest! This will be different from a regular A&S competition. Format, judging, and time will all be a little different, so please pay attention to all the rules because there will be a few special things to note. We are posting this fairly early so that everyone who wants to participate will have plenty of time to prepare.

1st place will be receiving a special prize!


The theme of the costume contest will be the Warforged race from DnD. If you’re unsure of what the Warforged are, please see these links:


The Warforged Costume Contest will be held on Friday night (9/22/17) at 9 PM on the main stage.


All categories will be judged on a 0-5 point scale, with increments of tenths (3.1, 3.2, etc). If the costume is field-worthy, the garb will count as +1 armor in all Keep games (per the War-O-Crat).


  1. Quality – How well made the costume is, and attention to detail
  2. Originality – Putting your own special twist on the theme
  3. Presentation – Costumes must be worn by a model (does not have to be the creator) NO EXCEPTIONS
  4. Likeness to theme – How well does the costume fit the theme? Does the costume maker understand what the concept is supposed to be?


If you would like to help judge or have questions about the costume contest, please PM Lindsay or ask on the event thread.