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Wednesday, September 20th

4:00 PM – Frisgard

Game designer: Lilly Sunshine
Spawn Time: 5 sec
Style: Single short, non-class
Score limit: More than three points and lead by two or first to five.
Teams: 2 teams of 8

Description: This Game is played with 1 Oversized Frisbee with 1 goal on each teams side for scoring. The goals will be Amtgard shields on the ground. The objective is to score the frisbee on the opposing team’s goal.

Field/Starting info: The game is free roaming; the only restriction to this is during the kick off and any boundaries which will be about 75 feet by 50 feet. If during play the Disc is thrown out of bounds a hold is called. Then the team that did not throw it out
of bounds may send one living player from the field to get the disc. That player then brings it back in as close to where it left the boundaries and throws the disc back into play. Lay on is called when the disc leaves his hand.

Getting started: The Game starts after teams have been formed and a team captain has won “rock, paper, scissors”. The Team that wins gets to decide whether they would like to kick off or receive the Frisbee. Players must have their weapons on the score point to start. The player handling the Frisbee may kick off from either side of the score point a few feet away from the goal. (this is not to be abused). Lay-on is called after the team kicking has thrown the Frisbee. If the Frisbee fails to make it halfway
down the field, then reset and re-kick.

Scoring: To score the Frisbee it must touch the goal in flight uninterrupted by the ground or enemy players. It does not need to stop on the goal to count as a score. Just touch. You may also score by setting the Frisbee on the enemy goal. When the score is made the round is done. Then reset the teams to their goals. The team that scored must then “Kick off” the Frisbee by throwing it to the opposing team.

Frisbee: players may only take one step/jump with the disc. You may not run with it. The Frisbee may not block shots. If the Frisbee is hit while under a player’s control that player takes a wound to the arm holding the Frisbee. Players may block the Frisbee while it is in flight. Players should avoid striking it out of the air but it is still legal. Players may stop the Frisbee in flight with their body if they so choose. Players can’t slide the disc across the ground with their weapons or feet. it must be thrown. You may
throw it short distances and to yourself.

Death count/Re-spawn: Players have unlimited lives. When a player dies he/she may spawn at his/her team’s’ spawn area, This will be marked by a tape line on the ground along the out of bounds line from your goal to the midway point. It is a 5 sec respawn( 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi etc). When you spawn, you must call alive in a loud voice so players can hear you. Players may move while spawning as long as they’re touching wall/line etc. Players may always choose to take a death.

Wounded players: If a player has been wounded he/she may touch his/her spawn area for 3 secs to heal.

They must announce heal when finished. These players may still attack and be attacked.

Game over: When one team leads by two points and has three or more points or when one team has five points. Play till we are tired.

For this game all players on a team must be from the same Unit. If multiple teams are from the same Unit, they gain OVPs for their best performing team. AVPs are earned by individuals or Units as usual. If a Unit has multiple teams then they get AVPs earned by players on any of those teams.

Winner: (2 AVPs) per game won
Not this time: (1 AVPs) per game lost
Three Point line (3 AVPs, Max once): score from behind the half court mark.
Live Dangerously (2 AVPs, Max once): Win by a score of 5-4

Thursday, September 21st

9:30 AM – Phoenix League

Style: Full Class
Score Limit: Skunk rule if a team leads by 10 points
Team Size: 6

For this game all players on a team must be from the same Unit. If multiple teams are from the same Unit, they gain OVPs for their best performing team. AVPs are earned by individuals or Units as usual. If a Unit has multiple teams then they get AVPs earned by players on any of those teams.

Trump Card: (2 AVPs) per game won
Dead Hand: (1 AVPs) per game lost
Call Their Bluff: (3 AVPs) Come back from at least 2 points down.
Penny Ante: (2 AVPs) Win a game with no caster classes and no more than one Warrior.
Blocking Bet: (3 AVPs) Stop a player from scoring by killing them after they put the ball in your basket, but before their volatile state is over.
All-In (3 AVPs) Win a game by with a 1 point difference between teams.

2:00-4:00 PM – Militia Castle in the Mournlands

Not far into the blasted landscape of the Mournlands lies a small Keep. Formerly this was a stronghold of some minor lord. It is believed that your enemy faction has retreated here. Your enemies are clearly acting on the behalf of the Emerald Claw. You are tasked with entering the Mournlands, taking this keep, and capturing the enemy leadership. However, the nature of this section of the Mournlands makes it impossible to use spells or magical abilities without backfire.

Spawn Time: 60 Sec
Style: Militia
Scoring: Timed. Best time
Teams: 3 teams of equal size.

This game only uses one of the castles. The units and players will be divided into three teams. Each team will get one chance to defend the castle and two chances to attack it. Defense will have a life pool. Timed for winner, if multiple teams hold for the whole game, life pool remaining will be the tie breaker.

Winner: (3 OVPs) per minute that the castle is held).
Door Breaker: (2 AVPs) Unit that does the most to break the door. Tower reeves discretion
Trick Shot: (2AVPS) Best Missile weapon shot. All reeves decide.
For the Cause: (1 AVP) Most memorable death, points go to the player who died.

4:30-6:00 PM – Full Class House Orien Lightning Rail

Even though the Keep in the Mournlands fell, The enemy leadership, probably including their Emerald Claw masters have escaped. They fled by airship. The fastest way to try and keep up will be by lightning rail. But we don’t know which way they fled. The only answer will be to try all three trains.

Spawn Time: Groups of 10 at each flag
Style: Full Class
Scoring: Timed, best progress
Teams: 2 teams of equal size.

Three lightning rails will be laid out. Each team will get one turn trying to move the trains (attackers) and one as the defenders who try to stop the rails from moving. Each route will have trail markers showing how far each rail has to go. Rails will be barrels full of sand. Each will be of one color. Trains can only move on the rail that matches their color. Two Trains will start more or less in the center of the field and move toward the outside corners. One will start in a corner and move to the center. Only the attacking team may move the trains. The whole field is open to all players. The only requirement is to stay out of the camps. There will be six poles nine feet tall used as spawn points for each team. Players will spawn in groups of 10 from each pole (managed by a reeve). Dead players may choose to go to a different spawn point at any time. Dead players on the field should indicate such by the usual weapons over your head.

The Main Train (4 OVPs per way point passed): Along any rail
Loco-Motive (2 AVPs): Player who moved a train the most.
Kenny Rogers (10 OVPs): Choose not to move one of the three trains at all
Choo-Choo (3 AVPs): Best train, engineer or railroad related Role Play. Choice of all reeves. Can be serious or silly.

Friday, September 22nd

9:30 AM-3:00 PM Arts & Sciences Tournament

Greater Dragonmark of Making: (10 AVPs) First Place
Lesser Dragonmark of Making: (6 AVPs) Second Place
Least Dragonmark of Making: (3 AVPs) Third Place
Greatest Thing Since the Lightning Rail: (5 AVPs) Piece that Best represents Eberron
Artificer Made What!: (5 AVPs) Judge’s choice of an entry that didn’t place

9:30 AM-3:00 PM – Hammer of God Cup

Overall Winner (10 AVPs)
Overall Second Place (6 AVPs)
Overall Third Place (3 AVPs)
Sparring Partner: (3 AVPs) Highest Pool wins without advancing
Streaks: (2 AVPs/ Max 2) Win all your pool fights
Shark!!!: (7 AVPs) Get out of pool in all three brackets but no top

3:30 PM – Full Class Control the Creation Forges

The enemy leadership has managed to escape despite the desperate rail chase. They are clearly getting help from other powerful factions; probably more than just the Emerald Claw. Armies are massing again and the Next War may be coming. If it is, you will need Warforged to help you. You and your army enter one of House Cannith’s creation forges and try to imprint your mental power onto the forge guides so the Warforged created there will have an innate loyalty to you.

Diagram: Control the Creation Forges

Spawn: In Groups of 20 at the spawn points
Style: Full Class
Scoring: Node Cap. See Below
Teams: 3 teams of equal size.

This will be a compact node cap game. The dashed circles below represent the most psychically sensitive parts of the creation forge. There will be six ten minute time periods. In each time period the sound of machinery will be audible. The pace of the machinery will increase over the ten minute time period and reach a crescendo at 10 minutes which will be when scores are taken. Teams score by being the only team to have living players in a psychically sensitive node. Insubstantial players count. There will be no stoppage in play. Reeves will count when the gun sounds (at the top of the crescendo). Nodes will be marked in field paint on the ground. There will be two re-spawn points for each team outside the forge itself as per the diagram. Players will re-spawn in groups of 20 from each point. Dead players should leave the forge octagon as soon as possible but may travel freely to either spawn point
for their team around the outside of the octagon.

Time to Make the Golems (4 OVPs Node held): All nodes are equal
Self-Control (2 AVPs, Once max): Control a node with only players in field legal Warforged costumes. All players revieve.
Chariots of Fire (1 AVP, Once max): Always enter at the node opposite where you spawn. Tell a reeve ahead of time you want to try for it or don’t expect to get it.
King of Blades (4 AVP, Once Max): Best field legal Warforged costume playing in this game.

8:00 PM – 11 PM  Night Quest

Vast Bulwark: (7 OVPs, max 1) Destroy all the spawn of Cannith’s forges
Crazy, but That’s How It Goes: (3 OVPs, max 1) Solve the puzzle AND defeat Spike the gremlin
Payload Push: (2 OVPs, max 1) Secure the entire shipment
Ghost in the Machine: (2 OVPs, max 1) Defeat the golems without killing more than one
Cool and Refreshing: (2 OVPs, max 1) Drink the freezing potion first
Krug Life: (2 OVPs, max 1) Eliminate the escaped BLOB unit… units?
When it Absolutely, Positively Shouldn’t Be There: (2 OVPs, max 1) Stop the Bone Knight and his Minions

Saturday, September 23rd

10:00 AM-12:00 PM – Full Class Lay Points make Lay Lines

It’s still not clear whether this conflict will turn into the Next War or whether it can be contained. What’s sure is all the armies involved are in danger of becoming cat’s paws for the Emerald Claw. Even knowing this you are damned if you let your faction be the one that falls behind. Having access to Warforged is not enough though. It would help to control the Ley energy in the area. Unfortunately, in southwestern Karrnath the Ley Lines were broken on the day of Mourning. This leaves only Ley points which may one day become lines again. Seize them before other factions can.

Spawn: In Groups of 20 at the spawn points
Style: Full Class
Scoring: Node Cap. See Below
Teams: 3 teams of equal size.

This is a two team node cap. This will be an extensive game covering much of the forest. There will be
seven nodes scattered in the forest. There will be four twenty minute scoring chances. The scoring
chance will be announced by the firing of the bird cannon. Each node will have a reeve tracking score.
To hold a node a team must be the only team with living team members in the node. Insubstantial
players count as living. Each team will have a single spawn flag on their side of the forest. Unless using
resurrection abilities or alternate spawn point abilities, this is where all players re-spawn. Players re-
spawn immediately on checking in with the reeve at the spawn flag. Points will be calculated at the end
based on how many nodes each team held. The tie breaker will be least re-spawns.

Getting Leyed (4 OVPs Node held): All nodes are equal
First to Find (2 AVPs, Once max): First live player to take the most hidden node.
Walking the line (7 AVPs): Run flagging tape from one node to the other without losing either node. Note this is AVPs not OVPs so the rest of your team might not want you to.

1:00-3:30 PM – Militia Riot in the Streets of Sharn

With open warfare likely to break out amongst the factions the scene shifts to the Great City of Towers, Sharn, which is a teeming metropolis. But even here conflict is barely under the surface. In the streets between two great houses a riot erupts between your faction and another group. Clearly they are being manipulated by the Emerald Claw. In the heart of Sharn, the risk of magical warfare is too high, so this riot will be just with swords and bows.

Diagram: Militia Riot in the Streets of Sharn

Spawn: In Groups of 20 at the spawn points
Style: Militia
Scoring: Life Pool, See Below
Teams: 2 teams of equal size. staff

This militia line battle takes place between the two castles. The castles are in game but may not be entered. They may be attacked with missiles or spells. If a person dies inside the castle, they must re-spawn At the by living players (from either team). Players may choose to spawn inside their team’s castle (either at the beginning of the game or when dead on the outside). Such players may freely attack players outside the castle with missiles or spells but may not leave the castle except by taking a death. same Spawn point as everyone else. Spent ammunition may be returned to the castle interior by any willing player. Melee attacks cannot go into or out of the castle. All other players will spawn at their spawn point outside the castle. Each team will have fifteen bales of hay. These bales may be used by missile users or spell casters to gain a height advantage. They may be carried anywhere on the field.
Players may never melee from any bale. Once a bale has been moved from its original location at the spawn point it may be used or moved by either team. Players spawn in groups of 20 and Each team gets 30 total respawns. Reeves will track this using click counters.

Breaking Some Heads (6 OVPs): Each remaining respawn for your team when the other team runs out.
Castle Crasher (3 AVP): Coolest story of killing someone in one of the castles from outside. Reeves
Hay Nonny Nonny(2 AVPs): Best use of the hay bales as determined by the reeves.
Shoot the Moon (2 AVPs, Max Once): Observed by a reeve taking a great bow shot from a hay bale. Any number of players may get this if the reeves observe many but never more than one from each Keep Unit.

3:00-5:00 PM – Full Class Airship Assault

Finally, you have found the headquarters of the other faction. The faction that you are certain is under the power of the Emerald Claw. Unfortunately their headquarters lies on the other side of the broken great span. That’s not a disaster though. You have an airship. So do they, though. Now it’s a question of whether you can ferry enough troops over to take their castle while still holding enough for defense to guard against their inevitable counter assault.

Diagram: Airship Assault

Spawn: In Groups of 20 at the spawn points
Style: Full Class
Scoring: First team to take opponent’s Castle
Teams: 2 teams of equal size.

This is a game with two lanes as shown in the diagram. Each lane represents one side of the great gorge with the broken span. Each team is trying to capture the other team’s castle. Each castle is in its own lane. At the beginning of the game and on respawn players may choose whether to defend their castle or whether to hope the airship to the other side. That is, decide which lane to spawn in. It is not legal to change lanes in any other way (including insubstantial abilities which interact with other types of
terrain). It is also illegal to attack across the lanes with melee, missiles or spells. The winning team is the team which captures the other team’s flag first. The first tie breaker is which team open’s the other team’s door first. If neither team opens the other team’s door, then whichever team had the most players in the other team’s castle over the course of the game wins. If this is not clear to the reeves, the game is considered a tie.

Death to the Emerald Claw (25 OVPs): Game winner, if no tie breakers are used.
Bad things to the Emerald Claw (15 OVPs): Game winner after first tie breaker.
Very little bad things to the Emerald Claw (7 OVPs): Game winner after second tie breaker.
Sallyport (3 AVP): Coolest story of fighting outside your castle but on your side of the bridge. One player is eligible from each team or no player if the reeves aren’t impressed. Reeves decision.
Take the High Road (2 AVPs): Best Assault of a tower. One player is eligible from each team or no player if the reeves aren’t impressed. Reeves decision.
“Hold!” not Emergency (2 AVPs): Best door work. Either in bracing it or plugging the gap after it opens. One player is eligible from each team or no player if the reeves aren’t impressed. Reeves decision.