Battlegame Rules

Clash in the Temple District:

Gametype: Militia game (no outside throwing weapons allowed), object capture, four teams


Overview: Amid all the warfare and fighting, opportunists have ransacked the temple district and brought disfavor to the armies. Both teams strive regain their Gods’ favor by returning temple artifacts to their rightful place in this high-speed game inspired by Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Setup: Four evenly matched teams

Large, square field with each team assigned to a corner.  A bucket capable of holding at least 200 safe/padded objects is placed just outside of the game area in each team’s corner.  If no buckets are available, a holding area can be taped off.

200 padded objects (light throwing weapons) are scattered evenly across the game field.  These are the “lost relics”.


The teams must collect the lost relics and bring them back to their base, putting them in the holding area.  A relic must be carried with an open hand.

Players only have one life.  However, a captured relic may be sacrificed by a dead player to respawn and come back to life.  The dead player must throw the relic back into the game area, but if the throw does not go at least halfway across the field, then the sacrifice does not appease the Gods and the player may not return to life (a reeve stationed at each base will determine if the sacrifice is sufficient).

Completion:  After 30 minutes, the game is ended, and the team with the most captured relics is declared the winner.

The Harper Hostages:

Game type: Full Class, Hostage Rescue


Timed and linear game. Rescue players held at the back and bring the to the front through waves of constant monster spawns.

Setup: Fae magic tainted grounds: All spell/skill ranges are reduced to 20 feet. If a skill or spell range would travel longer than 20 feet it is reduced to 20 feet (example:teleport)

Teams are divided into two groups. Assaulting team and Monster team. Monster team will be made up of PR 1 monsters and normal class players to be spawned in timed waves.


The assault team will be organized by groups of ten. Each group of ten players will draw from a bag and will lose one player randomly as a hostage determined by odd colored stone pull from the bag.

Assault team will have a reserve lifepool of 75 respawns or roughly one respawn per player.

Monster group will be broken into groups and given specific spawn points. Reeves will spawn monsters on a set timer, with the closest monster groups spawning on the slowest timer and the furthest monster groups spawning ona  faster timer. Timers will start upon the first monster reaching the reeve.

MAGIC THAT CHANGES A PLAYER’S SPAWN POINT IS NOT ALLOWED (Heart of the Swarm, G/UM, etc.) Abilities like True Grit that put a player in a state and allow them to come back to life where they died  are ok.

Objective:  Hostaged players are set up at 50 foot intervals down a pathway guarded by monster groups. The assault team will have 25 minutes to recapture all of their hostages and escape the Fae magic tainted grounds. Hostages are freed by removing the velcroed “shackles” from their hands. This takes two free hands of a non-bound player.  

Freed players are suppressed until death but may immediately join the fight.

Completion:  If only one team frees all the hostages, they win the objective.

In the event of both teams clearing the objective in the given time the fastest time will be awarded the victory for the game.

In the event that neither team clears the entirety of the objective, the team that has recovered the most hostages will be declared the victor.

Lost in the Lizard Marsh:

Gametype: Full class, Boat battle, node capture

Overview: Two teams are trying to take control of a swamp, by seizing the three forts within.


Two teams, designated as red and blue.

Three objectives equidistant from spawn points.  These are the “forts”. All non-island terrain is considered swamp and difficult terrain, and players must move slowly.

Each team has a 2 boats.  If a player is grasping the boat in one open hand, the boat will allow that player in use to move unhindered through the marsh.  Each boat may have up to 8 players using it in this fashion. Any player who lets go of the boat is immediately considered to be in difficult terrain.  

A boat may/may not transport the bodies of dead players or players in another state (like entangle).  

Players on opposing sides may/may not use the same boat at the same time

A player grabbing the boat is considered on the boat; they need not step in or declare that they are boarding.

Players have infinite lives, but spawn in groups of 4+

Objective: The forts will have a red and blue flag that can be raised.  A fort is considered captured when a team raises their side’s flag and counts to 20.

Completion:  The game is completed in 15 minutes.  The team that is in possession of the most forts when the 15 minutes has elapsed is declared the winner

Preparing Baldur’s Gate:

Gametype: Militia, Zone effects, Heavy flags


Overview:A large cache of supplies are being moved into the City of Baldurs Gate but has come under attack from a marauding horde of berserkers. Help them move the supplies into the city! Beware they berserkers have lit huge fires on the field to help aid them in battle!


Divide Players into 2 teams. Assault  team starts behind the castle wall and has to dispatch fighters out the gate to retrieve the supplies smuggled to the city. Start with gates closed.

Two 20 by 20 areas of “water”. Players must move through water on their knees and this area is designed to represent a moat.

Allow defenders to place three 30’x30’ blocks of “Fire” with signage and red flagging tape. These effects may not be closer than 10 feet apart and may not be closer than 5 feet to blocks of “water.”

Fire will affect non-protected players with the following: Will immediately be hit with the effects of pyrotechnics and a fireball to all legal hit locations. Continuing to take steps inside of zones marked as fire will trigger this effect every additional step.

MAGIC THAT CHANGES A PLAYER’S SPAWN POINT IS NOT ALLOWED (Heart of the Swarm, G/UM, etc.) Abilities like True Grit that put a player in a state and allow them to come back to life where they died  are ok.

Objective: Retrieve as many barrels as possible from outside the wall placing them inside the marked zone inside the castle. Barrels may not be rolled and require two people with two free hands to move.

Teams will be given 30 minutes or 75 respawn lives while on the assault team. Defenders have unlimited lives but may only spawn in groups of at least ten players.

Barrels must be placed in the designated score zone to count. Unsafe actions with barrels will result in immediate player death. (Example :Throwing them, rolling them with feet, etc. These things weigh about 100 lbs yall)

Completion:  If one team scores more barrels than the other team, they are the winner.
If both teams complete the objective of retrieving all the barrels the team that did it faster shall be the winner. If neither team retrieves any barrels the team that lasted longest before running out of respawns shall be the winner.

The Lion’s Way Caravan:

Gametype: Full Class, Supply Escort

Overview: The Free City of Baldur’s Gate has been put under seige and waylaid by a roving horde from the far north. They have laid siege to the city and placed a blockade to keep new supplies from arriving. Smuggle supplies to the battle front to keep the city from starving.

Setup: Three trails routed in close proximity to each other.

With a coin flip determine which team starts as the assault team and which team is the defense team.

MAGIC THAT CHANGES A PLAYER’S SPAWN POINT IS NOT ALLOWED (Heart of the Swarm, G/UM, etc.) Abilities like True Grit that put a player in a state and allow them to come back to life where they died  are ok.

Designate one trail as “The Lions Way”, another trail as “Commoners Path, and a third trail area  as “Highwayman’s Route”.

Trails are limited in the types of goods that may be moved down them:

The Commoners Path has no limit to the type of goods that may be moved down it. Large or Small objectives are allowed (barrels, bags, cinder blocks)

The Lions Way trail is limited to only Large and Meduim objectives. (barrels and bags)

The Highwayman’s Route is limited to Small objectives. (cinder blocks)

Objective: Carry as many objective items to the capture point as possible in 35 minutes. Large objective items are heavy weighted barrels as large items, Medium Objective items are bags of play sand,  and cinder blocks are small objective items. Barrels must be carried by two people with two free hands. Sandbags and cinder blocks must be carried by one person with two free hands.

There will be six heavy barrels. Each heavy barrel is worth 60 points

There will be 10 sandbags. Sandbags are worth 40 points

There will be 20 cinder blocks. Cinder blocks are worth 25 points

This game has no life pool.

Defending team may not move or touch objective items unless they are struck accidentally in combat.

Assaulting team must carefully place objective items on the ground if they are killed while carrying an item.

Completion:  This game is won by whichever team carries more objective items to the capture point.

If no items are scored, whichever team has moved the most objective items the furthest is the winner.

The Siege of Baldur’s Gate:

Gametype:  Full Class, Multi-node capture game, Castle/City Siege, Zone Effects

Overview: The day has come, take the wards of the city or defend them and save the city of Baldur’s Gate from doom. The Great Horde of Northern barbarian tribes has descended on the city, can you hold the warrens and gates?


Defending team will be made up of teams using full class abilities.  Defending team has a life pool of 300 respawns.

Attacking team will be made up of level 6 Barbarians and one level 6 Druid or Healer per 10 players. Attacking team does not have a life pool.

Lock castle doors and place battering rams in safe spot for teams to access to break doors.

Teams may only respawn in marked areas. In groups of 5 for the attackers and groups of ten for the defenders. Respawns occur on flags controlled by your team with no combat occurring within ten feet.


MAGIC THAT CHANGES A PLAYER’S SPAWN POINT IS NOT ALLOWED (Heart of the Swarm, G/UM, etc.) Abilities like True Grit that put a player in a state and allow them to come back to life where they died  are ok.

Flags MAY NOT be recaptured.

Objective Overview:  Defend/attack all the gates and raise or defend all your teams flags. Alternate objective shatter defending team.

Defending team:Hold the city of Baldur’s gate against an onslaught of raiding scum. Hold as many objective points as possible for 45 minutes.

Attacking team: Attack the city of Baldur’s gate as an inumerable horde of barbarians. Raise all flags to red and break all the gates.

Completion: Completion occurs either when the timer runs out or all flags and gates have been captured and broken. Team with either the longest time defending or longest time with most flags and gates be the winner.  (can possibly play 2 assaults, 2 defenses mixing teams between rounds if it goes fast)