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Greater Dragonmark of Making: (10 AVPs) First Place
Lesser Dragonmark of Making: (6 AVPs) Second Place
Least Dragonmark of Making: (3 AVPs) Third Place
Greatest Thing Since the Lightning Rail: (5 AVPs) Piece that Best represents Eberron
Artificer Made What!: (5 AVPs) Judge’s choice of an entry that didn’t place

Keep 2017 A&S Tournament Rules (printer-friendly PDF)

Entries will be judged on a scale from 0-10; with 5 being average. Scores will be done on a .25 incremental scale. FINAL SCORE MIGHT NOT BE IN AN INCREMENT OF .25.The final score for each entry will have the highest and lowest dropped; the remaining three (3) scores will be averaged.

One winner per broad category. Entrant decides the category and sub-catergory of the entry.

Winners of each category will be judged again for Best In Show

All ties will be decided by King Kai with input from Judge Leads.

Entrants may enter a max of three (3) items in a category AND/OR a total of ten (10) items.


Active Construction: Weapon, Shield, Armor, Siege, Other
Judging criteria: -Construction -Safety -Complexity
NOTE: All entries must be Amtgard legal as per the RoP!

Passive Construction: Wood Creations, Meta Creations, Ceramic Creations, Leather Creations, Glass Creations Other.
Judging criteria: -Construction -Complexity -Sturdiness -Execution (How was the project pulled off? Does it fit what it is suppose to be?)

Bardic: Singing, Oratory, Instrumental, Instructional, Other
Judging criteria: -Aesthetics -Knowledge of material -Performance (Eye contact, inflection, tone, movement, etc. – as applicable)
NOTE: Entrants will be allowed one (1) restart if they wish. If outside disruption occurs, they will be allowed to restart once the issue is handled. An area will be provided for the entrants.

Food: Main Dish, Appetizer, Dessert, Beverage, Other
Judging criteria: -Flavor -Complexity -Presentation
NOTE: Please provide a list of all ingredients. Please provide serving methods (plates/bowls/cups) and utensils for 5 judges. Entrants will be allowed to serve their food as part of the entry (presentation). Please have food ready for allotted time slot. Temperature sensitive foods will be given greater priority. If there is alcohol involved in any fashion, please let judges know.

Jewelry: Knight’s Chain, Chain Creations (not Knight’s),Beaded Creations, Hemp Creations, Wire Creations, Other
Judging criteria: -Artistic value -Sturdiness -Execution (How well it works as the piece of jewelry it is, how comfortable is it or how well does it hang, etc.)

Garb: Court, Fighting, Accessory, Monster, Other
Judging criteria: -Aesthetics -Durability -Technique (Finishing, piecing, etc.)
NOTE: Please provide your own display methods. If a model is used, please schedule within the allotted time slot. Monster garb: Please provide a write-up of said creature.

2D Art: Painting, Drawing, Photograph, 2D Art on a 3D Medium, Other
Judging criteria: -Aesthetics -Technique -Complexity -Presentation

3D Art: Subtractive, Additive, Low Relief Display\Diorama, Other
Judging criteria: -Aesthetics -Technique/Complexity -Presentation
NOTE: If needed, please provide own table/display for piece.

Textile: Embroidery, Appliqué, Crochet, Weaving, Other
Judging criteria: -Aesthetics -Complexity -Technique

New Media: Computer Design, Media, Programming, Other
Judging criteria: -Aesthetics -Complexity -Functionality -Presentation
NOTE: Please provide own laptop, television, etc. This will not be provided! Yes, there will be power!

Written: Factual, Fictional, How To, Poetry, Battle Game/Quest Write Up, New Monster Write Up, Other
Judging criteria: -Grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. -Comprehensibility -Technique (Keeping judges’ interest; use of metaphor, rhythm, adequately provide instructions, etc – as applicable)
NOTE: All entries under 2 pages must provide 5 copies to be judged. Please submit all entries over two (2) pages prior to Keep, see instructions below.

Open: Rose, Other
Judging criteria: -Aesthetics -Complexity -Technique
NOTE: Judging will vary in this category since it is open. Please provide any display methods you may need.


Each category will have two hours set aside to judge those items. (This may fluctuate a little depending on number of entries for each category)

Two groups of judges will be judging simultaneously. Two categories at a time.

5 judges for each category group. Some judges will be judging multiple categories.

Each category will have a lead judge. Their job is to answer any questions and help newer judges.

Bardic entries will be scheduled ahead of time to meet Entrant’s needs. All other entries will be scheduled within a block of time. If you need special scheduling you can message Mary Kai Bartholomew via Facebook or email with ‘Keep Entry’ as the subject. Please show up at your allotted time(s). Schedule of judging will be posted closer to Keep date!!! 

Please include in the email:

  • Your persona name:
  • Home Kingdom/Park:
  • Name of Piece:
  • Category/sub-category:
  • Picture (if applicable):

Scheduled judging will start at 10AM on Friday morning at the BFT.


All entries should be pre-registered between July 1, 2017 and September 8, 2017.

Registration for entries will be accepted on site THURSDAY 10:00 AM to 3:00PM at or around the BFT (come find King Kai) This is a last call on people who may missed the cut off or who are not internet savvy. Please try to pre-register before hand.

All written entries over 2 pages MUST be pre-registered and emailed (ironmajick@gmail.com) in advance for judging before September 8, 2017. Please label them “Keep Written Entry” with information as requested above.

All food items MUST include an ingredients list for them to be judged! (I repeated this again because I don’t want anyone keeling over due to an allergy)

No previously entered items will be accepted. New items only!


Please send an email (ironmajick@gmail.com) label it “Keep Judge” with the following information:

  • Your Facebook name (Yes, I will be making a group):
  • Persona name:
  • Your A&S award level (this include Knighthoods and Masterhoods):
  • Your “area/s” you have experience with and how much experience:
  • Have you judged before:
  • Who would win in a fight: Star-Lord or Ironman?