A and S

Arts & Sciences Tournament

Keep on the Borderlands 2018

Arts & Sciences Tournament – Friday, September 21st

Rules and Regulations

The Basics

Scoring will be on a 5-Point scale.

Each entrant can enter no more than seven (7) entries.

Multidisciplinary items count as a single entry and may not otherwise be split up or used twice.

The highest five (5) scores per entrant will be totaled.

No more than two (2) scores from a single category will be totalled.

The entrant with the highest total score, out of 25, will be named the Winner.

The Categories

Art – Items for the sake of aesthetics, display, and/or decoration. This category includes 2-dimensional art, 3-dimensional art, jewelry, and heraldry. Artwork on functional items (ie. tooling on a belt) may also be entered into this category.

Garb – Any and all costume pieces created for use at Amtgard , either for combat or ambiance. Field Garb, Monster Garb, Court Garb, and Garb Accessories may all be entered into this category.

Construction – Items created and intended for use in Amtgard games such as ditches, battlegames, quests, etc. Entries of this kind must be field-legal for V8 combat and will be checked for such before judging. Items that fail this check will be disqualified from judging. This category also includes items for non-combat uses, such as props, decorative items, and items with non-combat, practical uses.

Writing – Includes composition, poetry, factual writing, fictional writing, and other skills based in conveying ideas and feelings directly to an audience. Entries less than 1500 words, not including citation (if / where applicable) will be due two (2) weeks before the event. Entries greater than 1500 words will be due one (1) month before the event. Entries greater than 5000 words, not including citation (if / where applicable) will not be allowed without prior approval.

Performance – This category includes musical performance (such as singing or instrumental pieces), movement-based performance (such as dance or acrobatics), or oratory performance (such as recitations of speeches, monologues, or scenes).

Other – A place for everything else to be entered. As examples, Multidisciplinary and Service entries would be welcome in this category. A Multidisciplinary entry is described as an entry that is a complete, cohesive project that includes pieces that call for an extremely wide range of techniques and skills, particularly crossing over between arts and sciences. A Service entry is an entry designed for the good of the game. They are created using other categories, but what defines them is their role within our community- the item is more impressive for how useful it is to the group/game than its general artistic merit.

What can I expect by entering this Arts & Sciences Tournament?

Full Disclosure

Judging bias and accountability are regular topics within the Arts & Sciences community. To set and keep to a standard all contests will follow, our spreadsheets will be released and made available as quickly after judging as possible. You will be able to see what judges gave what scores and left what comments.

Comments and Scores Not Guaranteed

As the Arts & Sciences tournament at Amtgard’s premier event, I have painstakingly sought to engage knowledgeable, thorough judges. These carefully-vetted individuals are here to give thoughtful scoring and commentary on those pieces that I hope will make this tournament special. As such, it squanders their finite attention spans and limited event time to judge items that are best served locally.

Those items deemed to be well below the bar will be culled, either at registration or the start of judging, with organizers as the final arbiter. Entrants whose items are not judged for this reason are not abandoned or scorned, but will be welcomed instead at an Open House after judging is completed. There, they can get valuable feedback from judges, without the pressure of a mountain of entries ahead.

What about points for my team?

Points will be awarded to the team of the A&S Entrants placing 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in the Arts & Sciences Tournament. Points will also be awarded for the “Best in Show” item for the Arts & Sciences tournament. Exact denominations will be posted and updated here when available.

Where do I sign up?